1250ml Off Road x 12 Med Res

Off Road 12x1250ml OKO10


Product Description

This case contains 12 x 1.25ltr bottles of the Off Road tyre sealant.
The OKO 1.25ltr bottle has been designed to be ultimately convenient and user friendly.

OKO Puncture Free Off Road Tyre Sealant Benefits:-
Seals holes in the tyre tread area caused by a puncturing object up to 10mm in diameter.
Ensures a negligible loss of air pressure.
Specially formulated to provide long term puncture protection in off road working conditions for industrial, agricultural, horticultural, commercial and military vehicles.
Also perfect for mobility vehicles.
Can cope with small holes as well as the large holes and has a multi-puncture sealing capability
Contains an environmentally safe rust inhibitor and anti corrosives for protection from rust.

Eliminates call out charges and puncture repair costs
Prevents flat tyres
Gives long term puncture protection
Minimises downtime and eliminates loss of revenue
Extends the useful life of a tyre
Offers security – Adds safety – Ensures peace of mind

The pack contains everything you will need to install.

An integral filler tube is fitted into the bottle. The cap houses the valve core remover, which is used to remove the valve core from the valve stem. The filler tube fits over the valve stem enabling the fluid to be applied easily into the tyre or inner tube through the valve by gently squeezing the bottle. It is recommended the first inch of the filler tube is cut off using a pair of scissors as it may have stretched due to housing the valve core remover.

This case can make an installation service quick and easy with amazing potential profits.
For multi case orders please contact us for a quotation.

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