Magic Milk Tubeless 66ml

Magic Milk™ Tubeless 65ml OKO088


New Formula OKO Magic Milk™ is a step forward for latex-based free-flowing tubeless tyre sealants. It is wheel and tyre friendly and can be used with ‘tubeless ready’ or full UST tubeless tyres. It is super-light, with a dose of 30-100ml per tyre in most road to mountain bikes.

Product Description

65ml mini-bottle ‘Backpack Pack’ – carry with you wherever you ride

• NEW FREE-FLOWING Tubeless variety: for normal MTB and XC uses
• Seals holes of up to 6 mm diameter
• Finds the little crevices between bead and rim
• Synthetic latex formula is wheel, tyre and CO2 friendly
• Coats the sidewall like no other
• Lasts longer than other latex milk products, top up easily
• Suitable for all bike types

NEW FORMULA OKO Magic Milk™ takes another step forward for latex-based free-flowing liquid tyre sealants.

It is the <lo-fat> sealant™: super-light, with a dose of 60-80ml per tyre in 26″ mountain bikes, depending on width.

Simple (removable core) Presta, or Schrader fitting, using the pointed inner cap (carry a valve core remover and CO2 inflator with you): or use an OKO Tyre Sealant Injector (with valve core remover) for easy, accurate measuring.

• Latex-based for sealing wheel/tyre bead imperfections
• In practice, as light as any sealant you can use
• Longer effective life than competitors – usually 6+ months before you need to top up (does not ball up inside)
• Advanced synthetic latex formula – will not rot tyres or damage wheels, and will not cause allergic reactions
• Contains corrosion inhibitors
• Non Hazardous

Non Flammable: Non Hazardous (not excluded from air shipments unlike some ammonia-containing products). NO ADVERSE AFFECT UPON TYRES OR RIMS.

WORKS WITH TUBELESS READY and FULL UST TUBELESS WHEELS/TYRES, with Schrader or removable-type Presta valves. (if you have non-removable Presta valve cores, pour Magic Milk into tyre well then mount tyre onto rim).

(For tyres with inner tubes, use OKO Puncture Free Bike or OKO X-Treme)

Colour: White (appears blue when applied inside tyre). Free-flowing. Low Odour (no nasty ammonia smell).

• Road Racing 30-50ml
• 26” MTB & 650B 60-80ml
• 27.5″/650B MTB/XCO 80-100ml
• 29″ MTB 100-120ml

No risk and safety labels or warnings are required since this product is not classified as hazardous under current regulations. Normal safety precautions should be taken: wear gloves and protect eyes. Rinse product off any clothes that it may be spilled upon. Keep away from children. If swallowed, see a doctor.

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