OKO Mining extra-heavy-duty in drums

OKO Mining in drums


The strongest tyre sealant yet produced

Designed for Mines, Quarries, rough Building Sites and Waste Disposal Sites

Permanently seals multiple holes up to 20mm+

For Extra Heavy-Duty requirements

Often eliminates the need for Solid Fill in tyres

Up to 80 km/hr: 50 mph

25 litre drum & durable pump

The strongest OKO grade comes in a suitably businesslike package.

It is an essential aid to operators of vehicles that suffer harsh off-road terrain.

Fitting tyres with solid polyurethane fill is one solution but it carries a heavy weight penalty, is very expensive and adversely affects the ride, as well as placing a strain on axles.

In most cases, extra heavy-duty OKO Mining can work as well as solid fill, at a fraction of the cost and with minimal weight penalty. It seals holes of more than 20mm in diameter. That is why it is the natural choice for mines, quarries, waste management facilities and rough-terrain construction sites.

It is not for regular use on any surface in excess of 50 mph.

The 25 litre drum is used in combination with a durable aluminium-barrelled pump (sold separately), which delivers 200ml per downward stroke for rapid and accurate filling through the valve stem. Our specially-designed pump works against pressure, so you can inject OKO into tyres containing up to 45 psi/ 3.1 BAR.

Because OKO is water-soluble, the pump washes clean for repeated use, and if the tyre is removed from the rim in the future both the tyre and the wheel can be hosed clean. Anti-corrosion agents prevent any damage to either.

Precise calculations depend on the tyre size and type but typically OKO can be fitted to all 4 agricultural or large industrial tyres for much less than the cost of replacing one tyre, even using a remould.

OKO Mining is supplied in black 25 litre drums and is a special extra-tough grade of sealant that seals holes and slits of 20mm or more. Designed for the toughest of conditions. Replaces soild fill in the majority of applications. Also helps to cool tyres that get extremely hot in continued use.


Punctures are one of the most common causes of costly downtime, and OKO can eliminate most of them

Can avoid the tyre damaging itself on the rim and having to be replaced

Seals the hole in the tread area the moment the puncture happens

Designed for use in the harshest off-road environments

Lasts the legal life of the tyre

Deals with loss of air and provides a permanent seal to any hole in the tread area caused by puncturing objects with a diameter of up to 10mm (Mining OKO 20mm)


Non Corrosive: Non Flammable: Non Hazardous.

NO ADVERSE AFFECT UPON TYRES OR RIMS (contains anti-corrosion agents that protect steel and alloy wheels).

WORKS WITH INNER TUBES and TUBELESS TYRES. For slower-moving trucks and other vehicles on road that have inner tubes, this product is recommended.

Remoulds: causes no problems, can be washed out.

Vulcanising: First remove OKO with water, then dry tyre with “BUFSOL” solution.

Colour: Natural off-white. Viscous. Low Odour.

NB: do not use sealant if you are filling your tyres with water/anti-freeze. (This practice is not good for vehicles or the land: see our blog)

QUANTITY REQUIRED ­ see Application Chart

OKO Puncture Free Tariff Number: HS. 3824. 90. 97
OKO Pressure Application Pump Tariff Number: HS. 8413. 20. 90

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