Bike users told us that there was a gap in the market. Many riders have discovered the need for a bike tyre sealant, but conventional latex-based bike sealants dry out rapidly and need to be replaced.

After years of development and testing, OKO introduced a ground-breaking range of Bike sealant products at Eurobike in 2010, and launched in Asia at the Spring 2012 Taiwan show. At every Eurobike since then, OKO has moved bike sealant performance to a whole new level, with three new or enhanced formulations:

OKO Puncture Free Bike (all-purpose) and OKO X-Treme (for off-road use) are now lighter and smoother than ever, and represent an advance in puncture sealing performance compared to any competitor. They are both perfect for tubes and for full UST tubeless conversions. They last the life of the tyre.

Now there’s also OKO Magic Milk™ for tubeless-ready conversions and for road racing tyres. It’s the tyre sealant: lightweight and synthetic latex-based so it is ammonia free, allergy-free and rim & tyre friendly.

OKO sealants are easier to apply than any other, with the unique bottle cap containing a valve core remover and a Schraeder valve-sized pouring spout.

Worldwide testing in all temperatures and terrain confirms that OKO out-performs all other products.

The OKO Tyre Sealant Injector is a patented syringe device that can cleanly and accurately dispense sealant (or other liquids), plus it contains a double screw fitting for both Presta and Schrader valves. There are now two sizes: 60ml and 150ml capacity per filling.

And following public demand, OKO Self-Sealing Bike Inner Tubes are on sale in the most popular sizes, NOW including the fastest-growing 27.5 inch size, 29 inch MTB, 700C Road Race, and 16 inch commuter/kids tubes, with a choice of valves and long 48mm valves where needed for the new deep dish rims. So it is even easier to obtain OKO tyre protection.

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