OKO Sales Ltd is proud to be Official British Distributor of the original (and the only genuine) OKO brand of anti-puncture, preventative tyre sealant.   Invented by OKO and produced in the UK for 38 years, OKO Puncture Free tyre sealants now cover every vehicle type on the market and the Research & Development team continually refine and innovate, launching new specific products and improving existing formulations to stay ahead of the imitators.

   OKO sealants are sold in bottles and drums and cover all vehicle types.
See the Products, Markets and Consumers FAQs pages for detailed information.
 All puncture sealants are not created equal.   Choose OKO for the ultimate in tyre protection.   OKO Sales offers attractive prices to both trade and consumer vehicle users and you can order by phone or online for direct delivery.   If you are a large fleet user, call or email us for a quotation.

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